Limboo homestay has Vegan Kitchen and we serve organically grown foods/crops which is practiced by local people.

Our recepies include traditionally inherited dishes that are served occasionaly.

Adventure Activity



For so many years, Rock Climbing has become a major sport or leisure activity for thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Climbing can be described as the act of going up a mountain, hill, any steep terrain, or artificial wall. Over the years, more and more people are discovering the joys of Climbing - whether as a sport or as a form of recreation.

Limboo homestay also arranges rock climbing activity if intrested.


As Limboo homestay is located at Yuksom which is the main tourist hot spot. You have numerous choices to spend your trip with us. You can choose from adventure, religious, traditons, cultures, trekking and many more.

Coronation throne norbugang

VISIT CORONATION THRONE NORBUGANG : Coronation throne at Norbugang is an ancient site and marked as place of historical importance by Archeological Survey of India. It holds the evidence of important historical day of Sikkim. It was here the first Chogyal (Meaning king ) was consecrated by three holy lamas in the year 1641. Throne with three stone seats and footprint of one of the lamas remain intact till today. > It takes not more than 15 minutes from limboo homestay. The place looks enchanting surrounded by Rhododendron bushes. It is a great place for nature lovers.

Kathok Lake
VISIT KATHOK LAKE : Regarded as Sacred Lake and also holds a historical significance Kathok Lake is located below the way to coronation throne and Goechela Treking trail. It take hardly 8 to 10 minutes from Limboo Homestay. on foot passing couple of houses. Lake offers beautiful and peaceful scenario in midst of woods. It is a best Place to study, or remain in solitude savouring the beauty of the lake. When the weather is clear Kabru peak can be seen from the lake making a perfect landscape in the art of nature.

Dubdi Monastery
VISIT DUBDI MONASTERY : Dubdi Monastery meaning Hermit Cell takes about half hour from Limboo homestay and it is stiff ascend. Well beaten trail in the middle of the dense woods leads you to this ancient historical monument and it is one of the Second oldest monastery in Sikkim built around 1701. It is the most sacred place in the vicinity.

VISIT FAMRONG FALLS : Famrong Falls is 10 km below on the way to Yuksom. It can be seen from the road also and good foot path has been constructed to climb up till the base of the falls. The falls looks enchanting especially during the rainy season.

Khecheopalri Lake VISIT KHECHEOPALRI LAKE : Khecheopalri Lake is regarded as one of the most sacred Lake and it is tourist hotspot for all the time. People from all district visit this lake for prayers and offerings. Local people have firm faith that it fulfils the wishes made during the prayers. Mystery about the lake is not a single leave can be seen floating on the lake eventhough it is within the thick woods. Local speak about a bird which takes care of the lake as soon as the leave falls on the lake the bird picks it up. Lake can be made on foot from Yuksom and can take 5 to six hours. You can take reserved taxis also, public transport are not available for the area.

Khangchendzonga Falls
VISIT Khangchendzonga Falls : Khangchendzonga Water falls is one of the tourist favourite spot through out the season because of its majestic view. You can enjoy the cool breeze offered by the falls. Falls can be made on foot from Limboo Homestay, and you have a option to visit while you return from Khecheopalri Lake ! Because it is on the route to Pelling-Geyzing when you leave from Yuksom.

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Limboo homestay aims to provide you a Second Home with the essence of Sikkimese Culture and Hospitality. Discover the soul of your destination with the help and knowledge of your host family. Stay in a home where there’s a host to welcome you and introduce you to the local culture.

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